Regional Considerations

Choosing a window can be very difficult. With all the different features available and all the different types of windows, it's hard to know what window will work best for your needs. Each choice you make can make a drastic difference, whether it has to do with style, comfort, or the energy-efficiency of your window.

One of the best steps you can take when purchasing a window is to consider the region you reside in. For example, there are a multitude of weather factors that can affect you decision, be it deep cold, strong sun, high winds, or consistent moisture.

Here are some major considerations:

What’s the compass say

The direction a window faces makes a huge difference in the suns intensity level. Windows facing east or west can benefit from solar resistant glass that reflects sunlight and block dangerous UV rays. South and west facing windows should have the highest UV protection. Our glass can protect you from the sun, with incredible energy efficiency without ever compromising visibility.

Extreme Cold

Window frame is very important for insulation purposes. Our vinyl windows feature multiple, insulating air chambers, making our windows low-maintenance while serving high energy efficient needs.

Windows with double or triple panes of Low-E insulated glass will be best and most energy-efficient, and keep you comfortable when it gets cold. We suggest our Low-E 366 glass, our highest-performance glass with a remarkable U-Factor of .24 and a SGHC of .27.

Extreme Sun

If the window you purchase will be in excessive or extreme sunlight, there are many steps you can take that will greatly increase your comfort and energy efficiency. The correct insulating glass with low-E can reflect rays and block many dangerous UV rays.

Tinted glass may seem like a desired option, but our Low-E 270 and Low-E 272 glasses provide higher energy-efficiency in high solar exposures, without losing visibility.

Calculate the savings

A long-term energy efficient window may be able to save you money, even if it means paying a slight premium up front. In only a matter of years, you can make up that extra cost and even more. We suggest taking a look at your energy bills and weighing them against the cost of our energy-efficient windows.

Many local utilities even offer rebates for purchasing ENERGY STAR windows. Most importantly, by choosing an energy efficient window, you will be able to save money while saving our environment.