Why Replace?

Rotten Window FrameHigh energy bills are the most obvious sign, but some easy-to-spot energy wasters can be drafts, fogged windows, or curtains that billow and blow even when your windows are shut. Your windows may be hard to open and in need of constant maintenance.

Fortunately, it’s extremely easy to replace a window that more than often pays for itself. Our mission is to make professional-grade windows accessible to all, and likewise, a basic set of tools and skills will leave you feeling satisfied.

Selecting a Replacement Window

Replacement windows are usually designated as ‘insert’ or ‘pocket’ windows. These windows are sized to fit easily inside the existing frame, both from the interior and the exterior. As long as your frame is in good condition and the opening is more than 3-¼” deep (the standard), installation is simple. Replacement windows come with fins that allow for easy-installation without damaging your siding.

New Era Windows suggests that all uncertain customers consider a professional when replacing your windows. Hiring an expert can help ensure optimal performance for a window, ultimately saving you money on your energy bills, reduce energy waste, and prevent potential weather damage.

However, as a DIY project, windows replacement is easy and can be extremely gratifying. In order to replace your window, simply measure the vertical and horizontal dimensions of your frame and decide on a window style. Then, browse our window options, or simply contact our team for a free consultation and we will help you select the correct window to suit your needs.

So You Replaced

Replacing your older windows with energy-efficient windows can greatly lower your bills. By optimizing your air conditioning in the summer and keeping the heat in during the winter, replacing your windows can oftentimes pay for itself with the first few energy bills. New windows can give you a quieter home, reduce maintenance, and improve the curb appeal and overall value of your home. By choosing energy-efficient glass, you can also eliminate Ultraviolet damage to yourself, your family, and your furniture. Most importantly, these savings equal less-energy spent in our world contributing to global climate change.

If we can work together, just as we are fighting to do, we strongly believe the future could be brighter than ever.