1110 Double Hung

1110 Double Hung

1110 Double Hung

The 1110 Series is popular with people who want affordability without any compromise in quality. We only use the highest-quality vinyl in all our windows which means low maintencance, great efficiency, and decades of durability. The 1110 comes with standard tilt-in sashes for easy cleaning and is multi-chambered for energy efficiency.


Deluxe Locking Rail Systems
Our meeting rails interlock to minimize air infiltration, providing you with additional energy efficiency.
Multi-point Fusion Welded Sashes and Frames
Compared to mechanically connected corners, fusion welded sashes and frames allow for superior strength and beauty with higher resistance to temperature stresses.
Dual Weatherstripping
Polypropylene fin barriers surrounded by polypropylene fiber form an effective seal, giving you superior resistance to water, dust, and noise.
Heavy-duty Fiberglass Screen with Aluminum Frame
Fiberglass screens provide durability without losing visibility. No more ripped screens!
Easy installation
Easy installation made for both new construction and replacement make energy-efficiency easy.
Gate weep system and sloped sill
An in-frame drain system and sloped sill provide optimal water drainage to prevent damage.
Maintenance Free, Cost Effective Energy Efficiency
Vinyl construction frees you from maintenance associated with other window materials. No more chipped paint, touch ups, or constant cleaning!

In addition to the standard features, there are assorted options that provide customization to suit your needs. Our advice is to take into consideration your own needs with regards to cost, your region, and energy efficiency. Please check out our windows options below.

Glass Options

New Era Windows glass options provide optimal energy-efficiency for a range of needs.

  • Low-E 180 High Solar Gain
  • Low-E 272 Moderate Solar Gain with Extra Light Transmittance
  • Low-E 366 Superior Performance Glass

Lock Type

Cam locks for reliable security against intruders. Windows wider than 42" come with a free additional lock for added security.

Cam Lock

Lock Finish

Our various lock colors to match your window style.


Grill Options

Popular grille options such as Prarie and Colonial, but also custom options. For custom grilles, contact us.


Exterior Frame

We offer vinyl that never chips, available in both white and beige to match your home's style.