New Era Design, Materials and Manufacturing

Professional Design

Part of our commitment here at New Era is to provide designer style windows at affordable prices. New Era Windows can give your house or building a beautiful exterior without the standard maintenance, installation, and price.

Each piece of our highest quality vinyl is cut and your window is manufactured to your exact specifications.

Advanced Manufacturing

We are proud to keep advanced manufacturing in Chicago. There's no reason that our technology and jobs can’t stay right here. Our manufacturing techniques let us make windows that are among the best in the industry in terms of energy efficiency standards. And we’re here to pass our nearby communities the savings that result from them.

Our Glass:

We offer many different energy efficient options for glasses, all sourced locally from the region. Our variety of glass options are available for each of all of our window options, reflecting our commitment to making energy-efficient accessible to everyone. For a detailed look at the options we offer, check out our energy-efficient glass options.